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Picture a place where you can shake off your stress and chill with friends for a few peaceful hours. Where you can unwind from a long workday and escape the fast-paced pressures of daily life.

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Welcome to Merchetz,

the first men’s spa of its kind, built with the heimishe community in mind. Located in Spring Valley, Merchetz is designed to be the ultimate oasis of relaxation and comfort.

Explore our beautiful facilities, designed by experts and equipped with everything a spa lover can dream of — from saunas to jacuzzis and everything in between. There’s no longer a need to visit mixed spas for the authentic experience. You’ll feel fully comfortable in a heimishe environment that suits your standards.

So come right in and enjoy. No reservation is required and your entrance fee covers you for the day.

What we offer

Unwind in a haven of calm.

Picture of the dry russian sauna

Dry Russian sauna

Wrap yourself in a welcoming warmth. Soothe achy muscles, restore your vigor, and reap the many health benefits of a dry sauna. While most saunas operate with electricity, our Russian sauna works with natural heat, making it more powerful than a regular sauna.

Picture of the wet sauna

Wet sauna

Soak up the humidity and healing. Relieve pain, release toxins, and rejuvenate your skin in the wet sauna. Our sauna is designed with a special exhaust that allows for a mix of humidity and fresh air.

Picture of the cold plunge

Cold plunge

Experience an invigorating contrast. Hike up your adrenaline, improve blood flow, and alleviate pain with a dip into the cold plunge. After using the sauna, the cold plunge will leave you feeling awake and refreshed. A calming waterfall flows right into our cold plunge.

Picture of the hot tub

Hot tub

Bathe yourself in bliss. Relax, unwind, and let the pulsating water do its magic. Our built-in hot tub is super spacious, and is equipped with lots of extra jets for a powerful, massaging effect.

Picture of the Milvah


Take advantage of the beautiful, kosher mikvah, built with the highest standards of halacha. The mikvah was created with your convenience in mind — there’s no need to make another stop for a mikvah on a busy erev Shabbos.

Picture of the Massages room


Feel your muscles loosen and your body ease up. Indulge in a relaxing massage, given by a professional masseur in a private room.

Book my massage

Reservation is required.

Picture of the Cafeteria


Grab a drink, snack, pastry, or fruit in our modern cafeteria lounge. Enjoy comfortable seating, delicious refreshments, and good company.

Picture of the Relaxation room

Relaxation room

Rest and recharge in a quiet, soothing space. Lounge on the couches with an iced tea, take a shower, or fall into a satisfying sleep on our comfortable beds.

Outdoor patio

Outdoor patio

Get some fresh air, relax in the sun, and grab a smoke on our beautiful outdoor patio.

Coming Soon!

An extended outdoor area with a fireplace and grill.

a room with chairs and a table


Coming Soon!

Give your feet the care they deserve with a professional pedicure. Get your feet soaked, exfoliated, and groomed to perfection.

The VIP Lounge

Picture of the vip room

Private room

Want a quiet place just for you and your friends? Want to treat your employees? Enjoy a private space to relax and party when you reserve our luxurious VIP room.

Food & drink

Enjoy the exclusive VIP kitchen, stocked with drinks, fruits, and pastries. A waiter will be at your service.

Hookah lounge

The corner of the VIP room boasts a hookah lounge with special smoking exhausts and hookah couches.

The room can accommodate up to 12 people and requires reservation.

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A cut above the rest

Heimishe men’s spa

Feel completely comfortable in a place created exclusively for heimishe men.

Quiet atmosphere

With two floors and a limited capacity, no single space ever gets crowded.

Self check-in

No need to wait in long lines to check in. Our efficient self check-in service gets you in faster.

Extended hours

We’ll be open from 1:00 pm until 1:00 am, so you can come at a time that works best for you.

Perfect location

The spa is located off the center of Spring Valley on a commercial street, so you can come and go in privacy.

Abundant parking

Our spacious parking lot has plenty of space to accommodate all our guests.

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Check in to Merchetz.
Check out of reality.

Picture of inside the SPA